To Our Patients:

Due to the Corona Virus, Pound Melters has set some new social distancing procedures for office visits. It is our goal to keep our offices open and although the situation is fluid, we are working diligently to make it possible for you to continue your weight loss program during the challenging weeks ahead.

We have implemented a call-in procedure for returning patients. Upon approval, you can pick up refill prescriptions from the office.

Call-In Procedure:

Please call the office that you normally visit during their normal business hours. Numbers and hours of operation are listed on the website at If a staff member does not answer, then leave your name, DOB and phone number. A staff member will return your call.

When you receive the call please let the practitioner know your blood pressure. The practitioner will ask whether you have any medical issues to go over or questions to be answered. You will then provide your credit card information and your card will be charged. You can come to the office to pick up your medications during office hours and you will need to present your photo ID.

This new procedure is set up to minimize contact.

Thank you and please check the Pound Melters website for updates.

New Patients