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I have had an ongoing weight problem since puberty. I have also had chronic back pain that forced me to have back surgery in 2005. My back issues have made it hard for me to exercise without feeling like I’ve been in a car accident. On top of this, my family loves to eat and I love to cook. I tried different diet plans, including diet medication and it made me jittery and then feel super hungry when I stopped taking it. I started going to Pound Melters on January 11, 2012. I lost 40 pounds after less than one year. I lost the weight by drinking a lot of water, counting calories, very minimal exercise, and taking the Pound Melters medication! Since I’ve lost the weight my back feels better and I no longer have constant pain. My friends and family keep complimenting me on how good I look, I feel better about myself, and this gave me confidence that I’ve never had. Thank you Pound Melters for helping me with my weight problem!
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– Julia R.

The office staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and kind. They understand the struggle of weight loss. Since starting in August 2018 I have lost 25 pounds. The pills help with controlling the urge to eat. You still need to do the work to see results- exercise, portion control, food choices etc.


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Medical Weight Loss

Are you looking for the best medical weight loss company in Northern California? Are you tired of starving yourself on another one of those fad diets? Pound Melters can help. We offer the highest quality care at affordable prices. Here at Pound Melters, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you in your weight loss goals. Whether you are looking to lose 5lb or 100lbs or more, we at Pound Melters understand the challenges of achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals. With a combination of diet, exercise, and our prescription appetite suppressants, we can help.

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B12 Injections

Do you feel sluggish and tired? Are you struggling to lose those last few pounds and don’t know why? It could be as simple as your body being B12 deficient. B12 can play a major role in your day to day life. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that is crucial for many metabolic and hormonal functions. It also carries important nutrients into and out of cells. What would you do with that extra energy? More work, exercise, house chores, and much more.