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We love what we do. We know how difficult it is to lose weight and we are very excited to help!

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Loss Vacaville Weight Loss Clinic

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Loss Vacaville Weight Loss Clinic

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Appointments are for new patients only. If it’s been a few years, feel free to call the office ahead of time so your chart can be located.

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Vacaville Weight Loss & B12 Programs

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Our Services

Medical Weight Loss

Are you ready to start looking and feeling your best? Are you tired of the same old diets that don’t produce any long-term results? Pound Melters in Vacaville is the top medically supervised weight loss program in the area. Whether you’re looking to drop that 1 dress size, struggle to tie your shoes, or are constantly worried about what others are thinking, you’ve found the right spot.

With our vast experience and expertise at Pound Melters, we can help you not only reach but maintain your goals. We achieve this with a combination of diet, exercise, and appetite suppressants. Ultimately in time, it’s you that’s made a lifestyle change for the better. Give us a call to set up a free no-obligation appointment with one of our providers at (707)446-0511.

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Our Services

B12 Injections

Have you tried everything to lose those last few pounds? Maybe you’re struggling to get started and lose those first few pounds despite exercising and watching what you eat. Vitamin B12 has a plethora of benefits, several of which are known to have direct help with weight loss.

The 3 main benefits of B12 injection are 1) helping lower fatigue, 2) improving metabolism, and 3) contributing to weight loss. B12 injections are very inexpensive and are proven to be very effective when paired with our Medical Weight Loss Program. No appointment is necessary for B12 injections. Just visit us during our normal business hours.


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Loss Vacaville Weight Loss Clinic


Loss Vacaville Weight Loss Clinic

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