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My experience with Pound Melters has been very good. I’ve found weight loss is a lifetime journey, and so appreciate the Support and knowledge from my check ins. I never feel judged, but always given great ideas to try and boost my weight loss. The Dr. and Staff is very friendly, and the Dr. is very knowledgeable about nutrition.
I would recommend Pound Melters to family and friends.

Tammy H.

I have been a loyal customer of Pound Melter’s and have found at the age of 60 it is the only program that has worked to improve my health all around. The focus on weight loss with exercise and healthy eating is exactly what I needed to not only lose weight, but to keep it off. The staff is not only efficient, but friendly, and the confidential nature at the office assures privacy.

Caren A.

I’ve been a client of Pound Melter’s on and off for several years. I have always had great success with this plan. Every office visit is always positive and friendly. The nurse practitioners are so sweet and very knowledgeable. They always have good advice and encouragement for reaching my goals. I plan to stay a client for as long as necessary. Thank you Pound Melter’s.

Lindsey M.

I’ve always had a great experience with Pound Melters. Everyone is nice, kind, and informative. I never have to wait, and I always feel welcome. I explain my goals, and have been successful in the past loosing 20 to 30 lbs. I would recommend this place to busy Mom’s, and to people who need help getting focused on their exercise and reduce bad food choices.

Shashana K.

I am so happy. I will recommend this clinic to whoever wants to lose weight. It has changed my life significantly. Taking the medication reminds me to eat a healthy balanced diet. I also exercise.

Fran - Age 41

In 6 months I have lost over 40 pounds using the Pound Melters program. It has made it a lot easier to do activities. Pound Melters has really worked for me.

Danielle – Age 21

I was overweight, tired and had no energy. I started exercising and no longer just sitting on the couch at night. I am glad I came to Pound Melters. I feel much better and have more energy.

Ron – Age 53

I am a stay at home mom who was overweight. I lost 75 lbs in the 1st year. I maintain my weight loss by exercising, staying physically active and watch what I eat and my portions. I feel great. I sleep well. I feel strong with more energy and more stamina. I am healthier and my mood is better. Thanks to Pound Melters I’ve gone from depressed, self-conscious and self-indulgent to happy, confident and disciplined. I feel better physically. I can also shop and buy clothes in any store now rather than just one or two.

Yojaira – Age 33

Coming to Pound Melters has made me more healthy. I lost 75 pounds. I no longer have high blood pressure, high glucose or high cholesterol. I no longer have knee pain, I can cross my legs once again. I always had a high energy level but this increased my energy level because of a lack of pain. You have to keep focused on your goal and the amount of calories you are taking in and the amount of calories you are burning. I found out how important it is to eat food nutritionally for overall good health. Enjoy eating at special occasions but in moderation.

Joanne – Age 66

A friend recommended I go to Pound Melters. I have lost 90 pounds. I eat low carbs, drink water and use your medication. I was able to return to work and be active with my son. I also regained my confidence, thank you.

Chad – Age 39

I am so glad I came to see the Doctors at Pound Melters. I would never have done this on my own. I have always been big but have now lost 67 lbs. I walk every day and watch what I eat. I feel better, have more confidence in myself and a lot more energy to do things. Pound Melters has such a great group of people. I would never have done it without their friendly smiles, support and encouragement.

Donna – Age 56

Since my knee surgery, my other knee was always hurting as I was transferring most of my weight on the other knee. When I lost the weight my knee felt a lot better. My clothes fit better and I have gone down a dress size. I recommend Pound Melters to anyone who is seriously thinking about losing weight.

Nanette – Age 56

My job requires me to sit on my rear a lot. My sister recommended Pound Melters and I have lost 55 lbs so far. I have received many compliments even though I still have a long way to go. Exercise feels great. I am not stuffing myself, I am making better eating choices, I have control. I am focused on me.

Susan – Age 54

I have lost 65 lbs at Pound Melters and have maintained it for 3 years. I needed to be a healthier weight. I have been able to be more active. I learned how to wakeboard and snowboard. My blood pressure has gone down and I don’t have sleep apnea anymore.

Tina – Age 47

I came to work for Pound Melters 5 years ago and in that time I have learned so much about food that is good for you. With Pound Melters help I have lost 16 pounds without even trying. It is not hard when you have the right people to help you.

Jean – Age 69

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Medical Weight Loss

Are you looking for the best medical weight loss company in Northern California? Are you tired of starving yourself on another one of those fad diets? Pound Melters can help. We offer the highest quality care at affordable prices. Here at Pound Melters, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you in your weight loss goals. Whether you are looking to lose 5lb or 100lbs or more, we at Pound Melters understand the challenges of achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals. With a combination of diet, exercise, and our prescription appetite suppressants, we can help. Are you ready for a change? Wait no longer and give us a call to set up a free consultation with one of our providers.

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b12 Injections

Do you feel sluggish and tired? Are you struggling to lose those last few pounds and don’t know why? It could be as simple as your body being b12 deficient. B12 can play a major role in your day to day life. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that is crucial for many metabolic and hormonal functions. It also carries important nutrients into and out of cells. What would you do with that extra energy? More work, exercise, house chores, and much more. Here at Pound Melters, we offer very affordable B12 injections. Whether you get the injection in conjunction with our weight loss program, or by itself, the benefits can help everyone.

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The Pound Melters Story

At Pound Melters our motto is “keep it real.” We have been helping people lose weight for over 20 years now. We have seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to helping people lose weight. We have helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals, and maybe just as important we are really making a dent in one of the most important and difficult areas in weight management – “Weight Cycling.”

Weight Cycling is when you lose weight, but then after a while, the weight starts to creep back up again, and eventually, you regain most or all of the weight you have lost. This is the dirty little secret in the weight loss industry!

Pound Melters attacks this issue head-on. How do we do it? We do it by “keeping it real!” What does that mean? It means we try and keep it simple! We don’t get too fancy or gimmicky when it comes to losing weight. We don’t sell foods. We don’t jump on the bandwagon of the latest “lose weight fast” scheme, and we don’t force our patients to alter their lifestyles in dramatic ways. None of these work over the long term and that’s what we are interested in – long term health through realistic weight management.

There really is no great secret or gimmick. We help people change their diet and exercise incrementally in a way that works for them. To help in this process we use prescription weight management medications that have been on the market for over 6o years and have a proven safety track record.

What does the medication do? It helps to suppress your appetite and as a result makes the small changes in diet easier. We find that once a person has success in changing their diet they feel confident and then will make other changes, such as finding a way to exercise, and eat even healthier. It’s a cascade of positive changes that we see happen over and over with our patients.

Once our patients achieve their target weight, be it 15 pounds, 50 pounds or more, they usually go on about their lives with their new habits. If the weight starts to creep back up they just come back for a few months until they get back on track again. This way they interrupt the terrible “weight cycling” that almost everyone who has tried to lose weight is familiar with.
We keep our prices low and there are no joining fees. We make it simple to return if need be. Also many of our staff have been on the program themselves and are extremely understanding and compassionate when it comes to losing weight. We love what we do. We know how difficult it is to lose weight and we are very excited to help!

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*Appointments are for new patients only. If it’s been a few years, feel free to call the office ahead of time so your chart can be located.

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