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Concord Medical Weight Loss

Do you want to fit back into that pair of jeans? Are you worried that others might notice those extra pounds at your high school reunion? Graduation or wedding is coming up and you know your picture will be all over social media. These are fears we come across daily, and at Pound Melters we can help. Our Concord clinic is the leading medically supervised weight loss clinic in the East Bay.

We know the difficulties of reaching and maintaining weight loss goals. Here at Pound Melters, you will never be judged. Instead, you’ll receive positive reinforcement and encouragement along your journey. The program consists of diet, exercise, and appetite suppressants. Call now (925)363-7332 to set up a free no obligation consultation with one of our providers.

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Concord B12 Injections

Do you need that extra energy to get through your day? That little extra might get you to go on that walk, ride the bike, or get to the gym. For most people taking that first step, pushing that peddle, or just stepping into the gym is the hardest step. Vitamin B12 injections can help lower fatigue, improve metabolism, and contribute to weight loss. Come drop by our Concord clinic for your B12 shot today at very affordable prices.

Please Note: We offer B12 injections only on Tuesdays at our Concord facility.


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Appointments are for new patients only. If it’s been a few years, feel free to call the office ahead of time so your chart can be located.