Low Carb & Low Fat Diet Guidelines

Jan 31, 2019

When you are on the Pound Melters program, we will work with you on your diet choices. Eating low carb and low fat needn’t be complicated. By simply checking labels you can often come up with a list of low carb, low fat foods that you will enjoy.

When you reach for packaged foods in the supermarket get into the habit of checking the nutrition label. The amount of carbohydrates is usually shown on the label between the amounts of protein and fat. Remember that the carb count is for a “typical” serving.

Low Carb & Low Fat Diet Guidelines 1

Read Nutrition Labels for Weight Loss.

Be careful as a “typical” serving is often tiny. For example, according to the label on a box of Corn Flakes, a “typical” serving would barely fill half a small bowl. A good rule of thumb is to multiply the typical serving size by one and a half to get a more realistic sense of the amount of carbs and fat in a more realistic serving.

Be aware of the quality of the food you are eating. When you are on a low carb, low fat diet avoid cutting the nutrients and fiber along with the carbs.

Check out delicious fruit and vegetables. It’s better to look for food and meals that are natural rather than packaged. Packaged foods often contain preservatives. Natural foods are low in fat and carbohydrates and have none of the additives and preservatives that are often in processed meats.

Low Carb & Low Fat Diet Guidelines 2

Beef Stew on Low fat, Low Carbohydrate Diet

Consider limiting processed meats like sausage, bacon, ham or corned beef. This will also help if you are keeping your eye on your sodium levels.

Avoid bread made from processed flour and in some cases sugar. If you do eat bread, choose whole grain bread rich in fiber. Fiber gives you that full feeling and slows down your digestive system.

Try to eat food that is low carb and simple and you will quickly attain your weight goal while on the Pound Melters program.