Weight Loss Tips During Covid-19 Stay At Home Orders

Apr 1, 2020

We understand how difficult times have become lately. At Pound Melters, we encourage social distancing and following the rules that have been put in place by state and local government health officials. With that said, there are still many ways we can continue to hit out weight loss goals. We encourage you to continue following our program, eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. Here are some simple weight loss management tips that can help you achieve your goals while complying with local stay at home orders:

  • Motivation – Self motivation is a key during these trying times. It is very easy while sitting at home to venture off your health plan goals. The key to motivation is creating a system and holding yourself accountable. Getting to bed at a decent time, keeping a consistent workout schedule, and tracking your progress are some ways to help motivate your mind to push forward. Consistency creates habits and after a week or two of adhering to your set workout schedule, you will experience just how easy self motivation is when you get into your groove.
  • Snacking – Random unhealthy snacking is a weight loss killer. When we randomly snack in between meals we are signaling to our body that it can depend on food regularly. Even worse, our mind and body can become trained to increasingly crave the harmful ingredients of salts, sugar and fats. The key to dieting is spacing out your meals 2-3 hours apart and having a healthy balance of protein, carbs and fats. If we do get hungry in between meals, there are healthy snacking options that we can apply such as apples, hard boiled eggs, celery, carrots, nuts, protein or meal replacement shakes. The main thing when it comes to snacking is to avoid salts, sugars and limit fats. Try downloading an app to track all your meals and snacks. See if you can keep your macros consistent.
  • Working Out – We are still allowed to walk around our neighborhood. Try walking further or increase the pace at which you walk. Use your hips and arms to thrust and propel your body as a means for incorporating your whole body. If you are up for it, try light jogging for a set portion of your walk and start building your endurance. If you are in good health, then try adding a single or multiple sprints into your routine. Sprinting is known to build more lean muscle than any other form of traditional cardio exercises. After your metabolism is heated up and you return home you can start some simple weight lifting exercises using push-up bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, ankle weights, ab roller type devices and weighted medicine balls. Find videos on the internet and learn new workouts for the mentioned weight loss equipment or find some that focus on just using your bodyweight.